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What are Common Cost Factors of a Gas Line Installation or Replacement in Columbia, SC?

The gas line into your house is one of the most important parts of your home's plumbing & your home in general. Your gas line brings in natural gas as an energy source for common appliances such as gas stoves and dryers & heating systems, such as your furnace or boiler. If you're looking to add or replace home appliances, you may be looking to install or replace additional gas lines as well. Replacing or installing a new gas line can be a costly affair, so it's important you know the factors that can increase or decrease the cost of the overall project.

The three primary types of piping used in gas line installations are flexible (CCST), black iron, or copper piping. Each ranges in price depending on your Columbia, South Carolina location, and each has specific pros & cons that will dictate which is best for your home. Call a gas line installation expert today at 100% Plumbing to receive a recommendation & cost estimate.


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